Diamond Queen

Want to be dripping with diamonds - all in just a couple of spins?? Then pay a visit to the Diamond Queen! She'll be happy to share her riches with you when you play on her special slot game


This blingy online slot is spilling with all sorts of precious gems, and you
can bet that the gameplay is just as sparkling as the graphics! Sceptres,
crowns and characters make up the symbols on these 5 reels and 3 rows. Each
symbol is complimented by poker symbols, which have also been given a makeover
to fit the theme. The characters are the more valuable symbols on the reels so
keep your eyes peeled for these ones.

How to play

This slot game might blind you with bling, but make no mistake - it's a really
simple game when you get down to it! To begin, set your desired bet level
before you start spinning the reels. This is done by using the sliders below
the reels that control the bet and active lines.

Then it's time to spin these gilded reels and hunt for jackpots! If you're
like the Diamond Queen and would rather have someone do this for you then use
the autoplay button instead.

Return to player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 92.97% which means for every £100 wagered
it will pay out £92.97.

When the fun stops, stop