Day of the Dead

The Mexican holiday of the Dios De La Muerte means ‘Day of the Dead' and that's exactly what you'll be celebrating in this unique online slot! Brace yourself for visual marvel of a game that'll have you hooked right from the get-go.


Whilst this annual holiday commemorates relatives that have passed away, it's not half as morbid as it sounds! Typically there's neon face paint involved along with brightly coloured decorations to make this a colourful, lively festival that everyone looks forward to.

The Day of the Dead online slot takes its inspiration from this holiday and comes decked out in all the brightest colours as a result! Take these reels for a spin TODAY and experience the wonders of Mexico's most popular festival at the same time. Bottoms up!

How to play

Your paylines in Day of the Dead always come at a fixed number. This is one less thing to change before you begin spinning the reels, as all you need to concern yourself with is the bet! This can be moved up and down using the +/- buttons underneath your colourful reels. These reels look slightly different to others, as they are in a diamond shape instead of a rectangle, but the overall principle remains the same.

Return to player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 94.91% which means for every £100 wagered it will pay out £94.91.

When the fun stops, stop