The official Aliens slot game takes source material from the famous movie of the same name, so be prepared for an adventure. The sci-fi classic is world renowned as one of the best examples of a space thriller and now you can play along at home. Ripley bested the Alien to win her freedom and now you'll be in her shoes as you attempt to win big in this game.


This survival horror game is made up of five reels and 15 different paylines
to win from, which makes for a hugely exciting game. It's not just your
average slot game either, as there are bonuses and mini games to unlock.
Players will be enthralled by this game, as it has sublime graphics and a
soundtrack to match.

How to play

Ripley had a hard time escaping from the Alien in the movie but you won't have
the same struggle on your hands. She had experience in space exploration but
you won't need to have experience to play on this slot game. Everything is
laid out so that it is easy to find and adjusted to be exactly the way you

Steel yourself before you start this game, as there is a chance that you will
run into the Alien around every corner. Then, using the coin value and bet
level buttons, change the bet up or down to be exactly the way you want. This
slot game caters to all bet sizes, whether you're being bold or conservative,
so you never need to miss out. If you're hiding behind your hands already then
use the autoplay button to do the work for you while you hide from the Alien.

Return to player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 96.40% which means for every £100 wagered
it will pay out £96.40.

When the fun stops, stop