King Kong Cash Instant

If you’re a fan of instant win games then you’ll love this latest offering from IWG. King Kong Cash Instant comes with a mighty 5 games in one – so let’s hope you can get lucky!


Indeed, there are 13 chances to win throughout those 5 games, so read on to find out how to play.

How to play

Select your stake, then hit PLAY to start your game.

Game 1

Click each of the 6 icons to reveal a prize. If you manage to match 3 of the same prize, you’ll win that amount!

Game 2

Click each of the barrel icons to reveal a symbol and a prize. If you find the ‘King Kong Cash’ symbol, you’ll win the prize for that row.

Game 3

Reveal 2 numbers and a prize amount in a row. In each row the left hand number is YOUR number and the right hand number is THEIR number. If YOUR number is larger than THEIRS, you’ll win the prize for that row.

Game 4

Reveal numbers and prize amounts in a row. If the 2 numbers in a row add up to 10, you’ll win the prize for that row.

Game 5

Hit the King Kong Cash head icons to reveal a symbol. If you reveal 2 of the same symbol in a row, you’ll win the prize for that row.

Return to player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 92.50% which means for every £100 wagered it will pay out £92.50.

When the fun stops, stop