Slingo Shuffle Roulette

Slingo Shuffle Roulette

Roll up, roll up and place your bets – because your next big slingo fix is HERE and you definitely DON’T want to miss it! Slingo Shuffle Roulette takes traditional roulette to the next level with a seriously slingo-tastic twist… 


You’ll be taking on the dealer in this online game, which features all of the vibrant, bright colours and styling that you’d expect from a tip-top slingo game! Any players wanting a slightly softer casino experience will find exactly that in Slingo Shuffle Roulette, but make no mistake – there’s so much going on in this game that more experienced players are sure to be satisfied, too.  Alongside traditional card suits, you’ll find slingo jokers and devils in your pack to shake up your game – slingo-style!

How To Play

Slingo Shuffle Roulette works just like traditional roulette games. You’ll first need to select a chip value from the options at the bottom of the screen - use the left or right arrows to do this. Then place your bets by placing chips in the side bet area in the bottom left of your screen. You can place bets on the following:

  • Individual cards – a win is awarded when your selected card appears
  • Groups of 2 adjacent cards – a win is awarded when both of your selected cards appear
  • Groups of 4 adjacent cards – a win is awarded when all 4 of your selected cards appear
  • Complete groups of numbers – a win is awarded when all four of one number card appears
  • Complete suits – a win is awarded when all cards in your selected suit appear
  • Joker - you win when a joker is drawn as the first card.

With each bet placed, the total value of that bet and any potential winnings will be displayed in the message bar, whilst the total stake will be updated in the status bar. To remove the last chip placed, press the X button. To remove all of the chips placed, hold down the X button. Pressing REPEAT BET will cause the chips from your previous game to be placed in the same position on your grid for the next game.

As soon as you’re happy with your bet, hit DEAL! You’ll then be taken to the card screen, where cards are dealt one by one. Should any cards be dealt that match your active bet, they’ll be marked off in the selections area. Keep an eye on the top of your screen – any cards that could trigger a potential win are displayed here, so fingers crossed! As you play, any winning bets will be removed from the selections area, and the winning amount added to the Total Win meter so you’ll always have an idea of what your funds look like.


Devil cards

There are 2 types of Jokers in Slingo Shuffle Roulette – the Red Devil and the Green Devil/Cherub. Should the former appear during your game at any time, it’ll end the game immediately and you’ll take home any winnings up until this point. The Green Devil/Cherub, however, give you a 9/10 chance to continue your game. When it appears, you’ll be presented with 10 face-down cards – 9 of which are Continue Cherub cards and 1 of which is an End Devil card. Choose one card to either continue or end your game.

Extra cards

Should you be one card away from winning when a Devil card appears during your game, you’ll be given the chance to buy the next card from the deck for a fixed price. Hopefully this’ll be the card you need to bag that big win!


Return To Player

The theoretical RTP is dependent on bet types selected:  



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