European Roulette

European Roulette

Unleash your inner James Bond and put your chips down on the European Roulette table. There's no license to kill required as you can play this casino favourite from your own home, hopefully winning yourself a lucky return with some generous odds!


This swanky online casino number has a great 3D interface with a turning roulette wheel in the centre, to make you feel as if you're actually at a Vegas casino. The table is also laid out neatly in front of you, with all betting options clearly outlined on the green felt. The croupier even talks to you as you bet, adding even more to the realistic casino experience.

The main difference between European Roulette and its American counterpart is that this game has a single 0. The rules are pretty much the same, with the exception that the ball has one less number to fall into on the wheel, meaning there's one less betting option. Aside from that, it's still all about placing your bet, putting your chips down and crossing your fingers as the croupier sends the ball spinning round the wheel!

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How To Play

You don't need to be a Bellagio regular to spin and win big at European Roulette! It's a really easy game to get to grips with - if you've ever played any type of roulette you'll be familiar with how to play and place your bets. Firstly, you'll want to select your chip size by clicking on the corresponding number in the bottom right hand corner of the game. Then place the chips onto a numbered and coloured circle, or opt for one of the bet options to the side of the numbers. Click where you'd like your chosen chip size to be placed, and click again to up the bet in multiples of this amount.

The great thing about European Roulette is that it allows multiple bet options so you can opt for a few different numbers, or a couple of bet combinations like the low 18 numbers plus the middle line. You can also check out the paytable to see the odds of each bet option, to see how much return you can possibly get from each wager.

Bet Options

There are various ways you can bet in European Roulette, the most common being placing your chips on a single number. As the probability of spinning a single number is lower than landing one of a group, this bet choice pays out the most.

Other common ways to bet is to choose either odds/evens or black/red. These 4 options each have a 50/50 chance of paying out, so your return will be lower if betting this way. Similarly if you choose to bet on the top 18 numbers or the bottom 18 numbers you'll have the same odds.

If you're feeling more adventurous, you can opt to bet on one of the 3 sections of 12 numbers, or one of the 3 vertical lines on the board. There's also the option to bet on groups of neighbouring numbers. The betting and winning possibilities are endless in European Roulette!

Return To Player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 94.74% which means for every £100 wagered it will pay out £94.74.

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