Blackjack Realistic

Blackjack Realistic

Play Blackjack at Spin Genie! Are you ready to take on the dealer in this exciting casino game? You’ll be playing with 6 decks of 52 playing cards, as you try to get a higher hand than the dealer without going bust. Will you draw, stand, split, or double down? Find out today!


Taking on the dealer in this amazing online version of Blackjack is super fun – whether you’re an experienced Blackjack player or not. The basic aim of the game is to get a higher hand than the dealer, without going bust by exceeding 21. There’s always the hope that the dealer will go bust first – but if the dealer doesn’t go bust, fingers crossed you get a higher hand!

How To Play

Battling against the dealer in Blackjack couldn’t be easier! Once you’ve chosen your chip size, place them down by selecting a betting box on the table. When you’re happy with your bets, hit DEAL. There’s also the options to DOUBLE BET, UNDO your last bet, or CLEAR ALL bets. Here’s the rules you should keep in mind (hit the in-play Game Rules option for reminders):

  • Dealer must draw on 16 and stand on 17.
  • Split is offered once per hand, with no re-splits.
  • Split hands do not qualify for enhanced Blackjack payout.
  • Split Aces receive one more card, but no Double Down option.
  • Double Down receives one more card and is available on any two cards and after any non-Ace splits.

Return To Player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 99.59% which means for every £100 wagered it will pay out £99.59.

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